Adoption Applications can be found in Shelter Forms.

Adopting a friend: the details

In order to adopt a cat or a dog from ASSV you must first fill out an adoption form (see above).  The applicant must be at least 18 years of age in order to adopt a cat or a dog.  If the applicant rents property we must speak to the landlord by telephone, or the renter can provide us with a lease agreement. We do not operate on a “first-come first-served” basis, but evaluate all applicants and decide what is best for the pets we rescue based on the needs of the dog/cat.  This is not meant to discourage adopters in any way, but simply to help them understand that we must make the tough decisions about where our pets go.

Click here to see the pets currently available.

Our adoption fees are as follows:

Dogs – $150.  Includes spay/neuter, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, Bordatella vaccine, dewormer, Advantage, 4DX test, Micro Chip.

Puppies – $200 + $35 mandatory spay/neuter deposit.  Includes distemper vaccine, Bordatella vaccine, deormer, Advantage.

Cats – $70.  Includes spay/neuter, Felv/FIV Test, rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, dewormer, Advantage, and ear cleaning.

Kittens – $50 + $35 mandatory spay/neuter deposit.  Includes Felv/FIV test on kittens 12 wks or older, distempter vaccine, dewormer, Advantage, and ear cleaning.

We now have senior pet adoption pricing:

Senior adopters 65 and over get dogs and cats for half the above prices, so adult dogs would be $75 and cats would be $35.

Senior pets – Any dog over 7 years of age is half price adoption fee.  Any cat  over 6 yrs of age  is half price adoption fee.

We are doing this so senior adopters who may be on fixed incomes can have the pet they want.  Seniors are great pet owners and take wonderful care of their animals.

All dogs new to the shelter from June 2011 on will be Micro Chipped.  This will only cost an extra $5.

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