Board Meeting

Our monthly Board Meeting on April 19,2017 has been canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Brook’s BBQ

April 15th we will be having our annual Brook’s BBQ. We will be at McCarthy Tire in Cobleskill. BBQ starts at 11am and will be there until sold out. We will be selling Chicken Halves. Please stop down and support our Shelter.

Corgi’s and Shepherd

Update: As of March 29 we are not accepting anymore applications on the dogs. We have had close to 100 app’s turned in on these Corgi’s. We will be posting updates on our FaceBook page. Thank you all for your support. It has been so heartwarming!


At this time we would like to let everyone know that they will be ready for adoption in a about a month. We just received custody of the dogs. So they will all need to be Vet checked and altered. Once they are released for adoption we will let everyone know. In the meantime you are more then welcomed to submit an adoption application and we will contact you when they are ready. Our adoption applications can be found at the top of our website in “Shelter Forms” please click on to the button and they will come up. Everyone is doing well and a they are being socialized.

Troopers Road to recovery



Trooper was found lying on the side of the road. He was so weak he couldn’t walk or even stand on his own. We believe he had been dumped to die. He had nothing left to give, weighing 15 pounds with no muscle or fat left to fuel his body and only hours from death. A comparable healthy dog of his age should weight approximately ____ pounds. His frail body couldn’t take much more. He was brought into our Shelter by a local dog control officer and taken to the vet immediately. Trooper received intensive medical care for two weeks and kept fighting to survive. He was malnourished and his blood platelets extremely low. His medical expenses will be significant his special food alone is extremely costly. Blood work will be repeated every two weeks until he is in the clear. Although he’s been released from the hospital, he still requires around the clock care and attention; he is currently under the watchful eye of the Shelter Director day and night. It is apparent from his condition that he had been nearly starved to death. No owner has been located and he was not on the run, as he had no energy to move. This poor boy as dumped and left to die…thankfully he didn’t. The Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley is a 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Shelter run by our Shelter Director and a small team of dedicated, compassionate staff. Our Board of Directors are all volunteers who devote an enormous amount of time fundraising each year to “keep the lights on” at the Shelter and care for animals like Trooper. Donations to help fund Trooper’s medical expenses and ongoing care are greatly appreciated and tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please find it in your heart to donate. Thank you.

Long cold winter

It has been a chilly winter so far. Please remember that no animal deserves to live outside. Let alone in the frigid air that comes with winter. It is New York State Law that all dogs must have appropriate Shelter from the weather. DO the right thing and bring your pets inside.