13007316_997045420344934_6549093512106776544_nSybil was bought into our No-Kill Shelter from Dog Control as a stray. She was very thin and sad. Sybil was never claimed by her owners. We bought her to the Vet and she test positive for heartworm. Her treatment is being done at Cobleskill Vet Clinic. It is going to cost the Shelter around 1000.00 to save her life. Sybil is a sweet and loving girl. It is apparent that she was bred but never taken care of. She was more then likely never been to a Vet but was used to make money. Sybil will never be treated that way again. She is loved and we will find her the loving family that she so deserves. Please help us help her. We are a registered 501C3 Not for Profit Animal Shelter in a small farming community. ¬†Sybil’s’ life matters!



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