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On August 9th  and 16th  a multidisciplinary performance by The Upper Catskill String Quartet with violinist Leo Milman,  poet Susan Fantl Spivack, keyboardist/arranger Paul Petersen, and videographer/artist Jesse Gigandet will present ‘A Year in Seasons’.

Inspired by Paul Petersen’s original composition for synthesizer ‘QUAD’, A Year In Seasons, will take you on an audio visual journey through what could debatably be the most inspiring of times, as creation exerts it’s ‘life cycle’ through the changing seasons.  ‘A Year In Seasons’ presentation is a collective effort by area artists to share with you how influential these changing seasons can be, through their imaginations and their gifted ways of expression with music, word and technology.

The Upper Catskill String Quartet will begin by playing excerpts from the 1725 concertos by Vivaldi, featuring violinist Leo Milman . At the conclusion of the Vivaldi piece, Susan Fantl Spivack will then recite her poetry, bringing imaginations  into the season which inspired them. A multi – keyboard solo performed by Paul Petersen will follow, which will flow into the final segment of our program – the high definition video titled ‘Quad-A Year in Seasons’. This music video assembled from images of nature both still and motion, is the crafted work of Jesse Gigandet. ‘Quad’ is the conclusion of the presentation of ‘A Year in Seasons’, and will take the audience on an audio/visual excursion of our region, highlighting some of the sights which upstate New Yorkers are privileged to experience every season, to the musical composition of Paul Petersen. The total performance of ‘A Year in Seasons’ is slated to run approximately 60 minutes.

These performances are free to the public with donations to the Animal Shelter of Schoharie Valley accepted at the door.

‘A Year in Seasons’ performance is made possible by the generous donations  from Schoharie County community .

‘A Year in Seasons’ appearing at the Jefferson Maple Museum in Jefferson New York on August 9th at 3 pm, and on August 16th at the Fusion Community Church at Cobleskill NY.

Please contact me with any questions regarding the project or how you can participate with a donation.

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Paul Petersen

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