Now your scrap metal can help raise funds for the Shelter when you take it to “The Coach Workes of Schoharie County” at 4923 State Rte 30(across from Jack Miller Tractor) in Schoharie. Just tell them before your receipt is written that you wish to donate your proceeds to the Shelter, and they will make out the check to the Shelter and hold it there for us. You will be given a receipt as usual marked “donated to ASSV”, which can be used as a donation receipt for tax purposes. Their hours are 8:30-5 Mon-Fri and 8:30-noon Saturday, closed Sunday.

The Coach Workes buys steel, tin, aluminum, batteries, and cars. They do not accept precious metals (gold, silver, platinum), old campers, or old travel trailers. Metal fuel containers (tanks, cans, barrels, etc.) must be empty and have a hole in the bottom per DEC regulations. Otherwise they’ll take almost any scrap metal – tools, vehicles, large and small appliances, fencing, metal furniture, plumbing fixtures, cookware, metal garbage cans, pipes, and much more – even aluminum foil! Any questions, please call George, Ron, or Ed at 827-5160.

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